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91 MR2 Turbo

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i have a 96 camry le and i want a 91-93 MR2 turbo sooo bad. does any body know the cost for one and where i could find one
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Depends on condition, rarity (is that a word), and where you live. They will probably run between $2,000 - $9,000... depending on what it is exactly. You should be able to pickup a decent one for around $5k.

Close your eyes and picture the nicest MR2, then open them. Lol
i am a car dealer and from time to time i will run across a deal on a mr2 but they seem to be getting fewer and farther between.from what i have seen the nicer cars that run well are bring upwards of $6000 and i do think that you will get what you pay will find that paying a little more for a nicer one in the begining will be cheaper in the long run.:D
thanks i got a 96 camry and i want to sell it and save some money to get and MR2 and i live in greenville, sc so i can go to north carolina georgia and even tenn
if u find a car tell me
If your willing to come to georgia I suggest you look at every now and then, I think there is actually one on there now.
I just purchased a 1 owner for $6500 mint needed t-belt+clutch into it for around $10,000 already
check ur local auto trader...or try

or u can send me a big cheque and i might sell u mine...but i must stress really BIG cheque.........:D
Vick Racing (MR2 specialists) in Atlanta, GA usually has half a dozen of two's on sale every time i check. they are also decently priced, too.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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