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91 pickup... and wheels NEED HELP

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okay so i have a 91 2wd pickup and i just got a deaaallll on some boyd coddington wheels, they came off a chevy malabu (5 X 4.75) and i need them to go on my truck... ive heard about spacers and something about hubcentric.. what is hubcentric? can anyone give me some sites with spacers to do this?
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spidertrax might have the spacers your looking for
To put a 5x4.75" rim on your 5x4.5" truck you'll need an adapter, not a spacer.

Hub-centric means the center-hole of the rim locates the rim correctly, rather than the lug nuts (lug-centric). The center hole is the exact size if the hub for a tight fit. Most alloy rims are hub-centric while most steel rims are lug-centric (they use tapered lug nuts).
Most after market rims have a larger center hole to make them fit more vehicles with the same bolt pattern.

As far as where to get, GOOGLE and you'll find a lot of sources.
the adapter is going to end up being a spacer. the spidertrax ones have the raised center so you can run hub-centric wheels.
adapter for toyotas are tough because since the adapters people sell are usually generic (one bolt pattern to the other) id dish out a little extra dough for hubcentric adapters, you can even get them cut for your exact truck at some places. shop around and make sure you're getting a quality product.

i would guess you'll be spending between 150 and 300 for 4 adapters with lugs
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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