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91 pickup engine swap!! small block?

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ok let me start with i have a 91 single cab 2wd a certified tech so im completely apt to the task so i just need the simplee basics in response plz..ok im either going to go with teh ford swap wich is gonna be a 347 stroker motor or teh chevy 4.3 with aluminum heads cam and headers...both will fit in the truck from what ihave read..has neone actually done a 4.3 swap on here and if so what diffuculty were the engien mounts to find. i knoiw the truck isnt going to handle well and thats why u have my cobra looking for about 400-450 hp the 4.3 will probably be suggestions or info would be great thanks. rob:naughty:
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Dude, you're the certified tech, you tell us what works. :eek:
I'm going to quote Twisted Sid and say "contact your english teachers and slap them for giving you passing grades."

That being said, there are mechanics and there are fabricators. Anytime you try to put something that doesn't belong on something you will need to fabricate mounts, brackets, make new holes, and ethnically enhance stuff. I think it has been said here before if you go with something with more power, especially a 347 stroker which is a whole lot of stress in a stock Mustang you are going to break stuff. You will most likely need a much stronger rearend, transmission, etc which goes back to having to fabricate mounts, brackets, and making clearances. Even if you buy a kit that says it has everything you need to do a swap each vehicle will have it's own problems with parts not fitting.

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347's are a fad, just like altezza tail lights which were were popular for like a week 10 years ago.

Swap in a 1JZ or a 2RZ.
you will have more room for the rad with the 4.3. im in the prossess of wedging a 350 with a long water pump in a 94 4x4. i have 1.5 inches of room for the rad between the rad spport and the waterpump shaft (as why its going in the box). also when they say you need a body lift, YOU NEED A BODY LIFT!!!! and if your planning on using the stock transmission, get use to changing them because it IS going to blow. its just a matter of time.
I'd recommend getting and reading the latest downey catalog to start with.

They have a decent section on the various V-6 swaps, as well as the V-8 which they do not recommend. "...your biggest challenge will be stuffing a V-8 engine into a compartment smaller than a V-8 engine..." ;)

Have fun

If you don't already have one, I found the northwest off road catalog also had tons of good info and accessories, plus they're from Vancouver so for me they are easier/less expensive to deal with.
haha like i said i dont do english and i am an excellent welder i already have the 8.8 ford rear and a 700r4 trans if i go with the chevy engine, and to the v8 is to large thing theres nothing to big i saw a 502 in a chevete haha but i will deffnently consider the 4.3 with heads and cam thanks alot i apreciate all the responses and i will keep doing some reserch, while on the subject i was thinking of jsut going all out with the stock 22 re engine(forged rods crank pistons) then ossting it to about 22psi but everything i read sounded like that was a bad idea lol all my friends have imports and ive built tons of smaller displacment engines along with my usualy v-8s any idea on why the 2.4 is hated so much lol ?
^ The 22R is a great engine, just don't rev the bag off it. I've done the V8 swap into an '80 2wd which has way less room than any of the newer model trucks. I just wouldn't bother going that route again, that's all.
The 22r can handle quite a bit of abuse and has a lot of aftermarket parts available. The problem is that its a 30+ year old motor design that was built to be reliable and never really meant to go fast. As far as money is concerned its much more cost effective to swap in a motor built to go fast. I personally would swap a supra motor if it was my truck
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