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91 v6 pings at 3500 and falls flat at 4000 rpms

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its a 91 v6 5 spd it pings at 3500 noy bad but i can hear it and it seems to fall flat at 4000 rpms ? i have timed it and run premium gas. this is my first toyota but like my cars to be 100% is this a normal thing for these? i have mechanical knowlege as i have been building drag cars and lifted trucks for years. yotatruck
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Are your cams timed properly? What I mean is the belt can slip a tooth and it'll run, but not like it should.
dcm wouldnt that show up when i timed it? the truck only has 125,000 miles which i was told is nothing for these. yota truck.
If one cam is off by one tooth on its sprocket, the ignition timing will only be affected if it's the one that drives the distributor. If the other sprocket skips, you can't tell because the other cam is still in the right position along with the distributor. The only way to tell is to pull the timing cover off and check the belt and sprockets' position.
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