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How far does one insert an axle seal for both the drivers and passenger side? I understand that the passenger axle seal is flush with the transmission housing. However, is the drivers side axle seal flush or inserted such that it is at the bottom edge of the transmission holes tapered surface or such that seal is deep enough to make contact with the surface of the left bearing shim that you see in the hole? I've replaced the drivers side bearing housing due to a scratch on the surface that the seal makes contact with, and the drivers axle seal twice (myself and the dealer did it) and it still slowly leaks fluid. One can start seeing leaks around 25 miles and fluid needs to be checked and added every 3k miles to make sure it doesn't run dry.
Is the drivers axle seal inserted like I described above to the bottom of the tapered edge so that the dust shield doesn't make contact with the seal and spin the seal as the axle rotates? The seals are Toyota OEM ones.
Any really closeup pictures showing the seal inserted and this tapered transmission surface that one can post?
The CV axle is Autozone Duralast gold 8439N where "N" means this axle isn't reman'd but new parts. Can axle play/movement up/down cause the axle to slowly leak? How much play is acceptable?
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