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92 camry engine swap possibilities

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Hey everyone! new to the forum, and i have one question for you all. Just bought a truck and considering selling my baby (92 camry 4 cyl). I really wanna keep it as it looks awesome, crazy sound system, only lacking power. I have put alota cash into it and wont ever see the return from it as its got 290,000 km on it. What are the possible engine swaps i could do? I'm lookin for the biggest badest swap, within reason of price and labour. What are some of the possibilites vs cost and time? This will be my deciding factor in selling it. I would be selling it in favor of a future purchase, posbibly a 4th gen supra or 300zx, so it must be able to compare in terms of HP if i plan on keeping the camry (Not sure if this is possible or not). Please pardon my lack of knowledge in this area if this is a stupid question. Thanks a ton in advance
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if your goals are thoes possible with a supra or 300zx then skip the camry. the BIGGEST difference is that they are rwd which is what ya really want. but other then that, they are purpose built cars and not some econobox ya made "fast". that being said. the two choices which you can find out more about a bit of searching are turboing a 3vzfe/1mz or swapping a 3s(5s)gte. but you will still be looking at a fwd car so your power is limited to traction.

OH and welcome to TN.
I agreed with Bird. Again. If you want a 300zx or Supra.... buy one. The Camry is a FWD family sedan. I'm not saying a 3s-gte swap or a turbo 3vz-fe or supercharged 1mz-fe wouldn't be fun.... it just wont touch the power zones that the supra and z are capable of.
Ahh i see, i was unaware that a FWD wasnt capable of the same kind of results as a RWD or AWD. Was just holdin on to hope i could turn it into a sick little sleeper, capable of comparison to a vehicle like that. I assume there's no way around this, changin to a rwd would be ridiculously time consuming if not impossible? Guess the camry's goin up for sale, thank you for the info guys.
unless you want to be the first (that we know of) to convert to AWD. but thre are only roumors about how it can be done. the camry can be a cool little sleeper but your talking a lot of time and money to do so and it still wont reallly ba able to compete with the potential of the others you seek.
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