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Unfortunately my mechanic says it's time to get rid of my beloved camry. It seems the six cylinder engine is now skipping on two and with exhaust repair and new tires needed, the 205,000 miles have been well earned. I put a new windshield in it in November of 2004 and an AstroStart remote starter/keyless entry in the beginning of 2005. The body is in great shape with no rust and only slight peeling of the bumper paint. I have Indiglo gauges and a Levoc chrome/carbon fiber automatic shift knob also installed.
This car does run and it will move under it's own power, however I will not guarantee a long trip.
If you are interested or have more questions or want some pictures, email me at [email protected]
Thanks for looking.

I had the starter removed and decided to put it for $500 or best offer.
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