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I've got a 92 Camry LE 6 cyl with 236000 miles on it. Started it up the other day - horrible clatter from inside engine. Mechanic towed it away - thought perhaps could be harmonic balancer, if I was lucky. Called me today - said no such luck. Belts were fine, pulled timing belt cover - that belt was fine. Said his best guess was that it would be a wrist pin - but to find out for sure, he'd have to tear the thing down (and he doesn't rebuild anymore). I didn't really want to have to pay him to tear it all down, just to charge me for that and then go look for another engine. Told me he would look for a used engine, which he found (91,000 miles on it) and said he could put it in , taxes, labor,fluids - all for $1325. I know rebuilts probably run 2500-3000, so thought this wasn't a bad risk perhaps. Rest of car is still in good condition. Your thoughts? He's been a mechanic for quite a few years - has bought some 25 engines from this place and has not had problems in the past. I realize it is a crapshoot, but ...
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