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92 Camry-My fans don't work??

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I have a 1992 Camry, 4cyl. manual transmission. I replaced my radiator, making sure to reconnect everything, and my fans don't work now. When I turn on the A/C, the temp gauge rises after a few minutes, but the fans won't kick on. Any ideas?
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maybe the fan won't turn on until you drive for a while and the engine is very hot.
check the relays, fuses, jump the fan right to the battery, recheck everything and make sure nothing is loose
I'll check all those things, thanks alot. It had me at a loss because everything worked fine with the old radiator.
Sounds like your radiator is doing its job.
can someone explain how a relay works to me? I might have that problem with a fuse that will keep breaking for my radaitor as well.
I have a 92 4 cyl manual also, and my fans come on as soon as i turn the A/C on, so u might have motor problems or fuse problems. Check them both, get a light tester, and check for power on both motors. then check the fuses.... could be anything.
ok i have noticed that my fans never seem to come on.. maybe while im driving.. but I never ever hear them come one when the vehicle is turned off... shouldn't they be turning on? Especially when the temp. is above mid-range on the guage? Hotfix?
Both fans should be running with a/c. I am pretty sure you didn't put the plugs back in tighten enough. Check this, especially the one on the left side (when you are in front of the car) : just push as hard as you can and put some wd 40 before.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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