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92 Camry parking light replacement

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I need to replace my 92 Camry's left front parking light, but I don't have an owner's manual. I was told that I only need to take out two screws before pulling the component out and forward from outside. It sounds like a pretty simple job, but I have difficulty locating those two screws. Can someone give me some specifics before I break other things? Thanks in advance...
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92.....i will assume it is the Gen3 Camry then ;)

there is only one screw as far as i is the little one on the top....
then all you need to do is push it forward to disengage a clip at the back......
you may need to push it pretty hard to disengage it :eek:

good luck :)
you use a 168/194 bulb (both will fit)
and beyond that, it's just unscrewing the one screw that holds in the parking assembly, sliding it out and then unscrewing the bulb harness.
Thank you very much for all replies. I found the screw under the black protective cover on top of the headlight. To pull the parking light component forward did take a little effort, but it was pretty simple. Thanks again!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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