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92 Camry rattling/shakes when turning + 100km/h

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Hi, my old 92 camry LE has been doing this since I got it, never paid any attention to it. Only happens when turning... what could it be?

Also, I take it on the highway sometimes and it starts to shake violently (close 100km/h) like it's going to fall apart!!! :lol::disappoin

I think it's time for a tune up. lol
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You probably have either a blown belt or an out of balance issue with one or more of your tires. I would take your ride to a tire shop and have them inspect all four corners. If your tires have been out of balance for a long time you may have cupping in the tread probably on the inside tread surface. Run your hand along the tread and feel for any cupping that might be there. It is also possible that you may have a bad strut causing the tire to bounce madly when you hit a bump at speed. Check for oil leaking out of the strut body. If there is none you still could need replacements. If the struts on your ride are OEM and could be original to the car it is a good bet that they are in need of replacement anyway.
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