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92 camry v6 dying with ceL?

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this is my first thread here. im new as of today, just want to say sup to everyone...have a problem can anyone help me's my gurl's 92 v6 i think it's a seems to run fine but at times it'll just die, it just dies no bogging or anything, have you guys ever had a battery die on you when driving well it feels kinda like's throws a cel and when you try to start it back up it starts but just when it does it dies again!? do you guys have any idea, oh by the way how to do read the CEL?
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I think you should take it over to a shop so they can use the diagnostics tool to read the CEL and tell you EXACTLY what is going on. It could be a number of things such as:
1: bad alternator
2: bad distributor/wires/plugs or something to do with ignition
3: loose electrical connection somewhere, or a short

I suggest take it to a shop or auto-parts place /w a diagnostics CEL reader.
autozone free readings
does the power die when the car dies or just the engine?
something like that kinda happens to my camry too...i dont know what it is...only the engine dies on mine thouh
"does the power die when the car dies or just the engine?"

just the engine, "autozone free readings" 4 real
^ yup just take it there and tell them you have a 92 ... but i think you can check it your self with a paper clip .. you just have to find the service port on the engine and jump pins (or holes) te1 and e1 there should be a picture where you open it on the engine.

^*SP* for
can someone give me a clear explination on how to check the cel myself? it'll be much appreicated
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