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92 camry window off track??

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so i have a 92 camry xle in good condition only problem is my ac is broke so i always roll down the windows. well about 2 weeks ago i got in and rolled them down like always and didn't realize it for a few minutes but my drivers side front window was only half way down. power windows, so i tried to get it to go down with power, but nothing. i hear the motor , but the window doesn't move. i pull it up manually and push it down manaully but it doesn't stay so it must be off track i'm guessing. i took off the door panel but i have no idea how to find out if it is off track or how to get it back on if it is. any help would be tremendously appreciated. thanks again

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Sounds like the regulator broke. I have replaced the left and right regulators on my '92. Not a big deal, but the part is a little pricey. I bought both from the dealer 'cause I needed it fixed right away, but I have seen them on eBay for a lot less.
Yeah. That happened to me in my first camry. One day I went to put the window up and I heard parts falling and it wouldn't move. I could just hear the motor running. It was the regulator.
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