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Basically... I have a 92 Celica ST with the 1.6L 4AFE engine in it w/5speed.

Im thinkin about getting a 2.2L w/5speed to put in there instead. Im sorry if this has been asked before, but just wondering if its possible and how hard it would be? Just wondering if anyones tryed it?

thanks for any info, its appreciated.

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It's doable.
Bit of a PITA though.
Wiring is a bit different, so is the way the engine mounts up.
You would need the crossmember from a GT/GTS for starters.
And have to weld a new engine mount bracket in the pass side.

If you do do it, get a newer 5SFE if you can.
98/99 Celica one had a metal head gasket amoungst other things.
Camry one got balance shafts in the lastest ones. 99? - 01. Stay away [less power].
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