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92 celica gt engine swap

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okay guys, i've been getting SO many different opinions from people about swaps..

1.. they say 3sfe i hear its a crap motor..

then theres the 3sgte ..that would require a new tranny as well..

but i want to swap from auto to manual.. i have a 92 celica gt manual w/a blown motor i got for 300 bucks.. tranny/clutch perfect condition.. but the body is so badly damaged that its not worth swapping my engine over.

any idea's or other motors i should be looking at??

thanks guys.
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it's really up to you..if you think that the body is badly beaten..then i dont think that you'd want to spend soo much money swapping the motor...unless you're planning to work on the body too and plan on keeping the car for a long have a few choices...i wouldn't go with the 3sfe though...try looking into 3sge' really depends on how much you're willing to spend...with the're looking on spending atleast $3000 and up...and no you do not need a new tranny...but it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one...3sge's are usually now in toronto..i can get one for as low as $200...and it's very good condition...or you can look into getting another 5sfe...that's if you're just planning to have the car as a daily driver and not planning on spending too's really up to you..but there are plenty of choices...try searching here..or you can also check out for more info.
Why would you want a 3SFE?
Your 92 GT should have the 5SFE/135hp motor in it.
That would be the easiest since you wouldn't need another ECU etc. 3SGE is a sweeet motor but you'll need to do mods.
Are you mechnically inclined enough to do the swap or will you be paying someone? These all factor in b/c $$$ run up fast.
I am not good enough to swap a motor.. yet.. i can do mostly everything else.. im really good at body work.. putting on bodykits things of that nature.. my friend is good engine wise and is going to swap the engine over for 400 bucks..

my 92 does have a 5sfe .. i think im just going to rebuild and turbo the 5sfe.. 3sge.. idk.. im not totally sold on that engine yet, because i hear many different things.. ie: getting a new tranny.. things of that nature i just dont want to really do right now

i just bought a new car last night.. the ultimate sleeper.. only down side.. its an eclipse. which i dont really like.. but the engine is omg nice :) i will get pics of that

im keeping the celica and basicly putting it in the shop for a long time.. to get it really dont right and slow.. that way i know everything was done and not rushed.. then when that comes out im selling the eclipse
Good thing about those DSM's is a lot of aftermarket support.
Lot of bolt on goodies to make it go fast. Too bad Celicas don't have that type of support :(
How about Beams 3SGE engine??
I want what iw ill have the best power at the cheapest amount of $$.. im a college student.. i dont have a super huge budget.. Lol
.so a rebuild looks like the best bet
Ok so I just picked up a Toyota Celica GT 2.2 5sfe 5 speed manual I'm pretty much gunna gut the insides of the car and add a bunch of aftermarket racing parts I have a huge budget and lots of time picked it up with the intention of leaving in my garage and working on it while kids are in school but I have one question really.
Is there any other type of engine I can swap into it to get peak performance and horsepower???
If your not afraid of welding you could swap to a v6( 3mz or 2gr) and keep your 5s tranny. If you hit the junkyard parts won’t be too expensive. You could probably do an 1mz or 3mz for around $1000 and would probably be less Down time assuming you keep the 5s trans. the 2gr might kill your trans(too much power). But I would expect the 2gr to be $2000 depending on what you want to do as far as maintenance/mods. It’s up to you. If your dedicated to get this done and money and time aren’t a problem go 2gr your might want to put the 3sgte trans behind it. It’s up to you. But if you want something faster, relatively cheaper, and hella reliable I say mz engines and a 5s trans are the way too go. Yards are loaded with smashed Avalon’s and sienna’s. I suggest you search over on the mr2 forums lots of debates About which engines the best and why.
Good writeup over here

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