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1992 Celica GT 'vert...I'm looking at having to replace both rear brake lines, and most likely all three lines to / from the gas tank. I've got the car raised up sufficiently to work underneath it, and now that I can see what I'm up against there is one issue I'm uncertain of.

All five lines snake down the firewall, and right at the bottom they turn and feed through an angled black nylon shield, before they then route through a shroud which runs back to the gas tank, where they go their separate ways. It appears that the only way I can get at that first angled shield is to remove a large brace, which runs from side to side under the engine / tranny, between the two lower control arms. Attached at either end by three large bolts. Can this be done safely, you know, without something large and heavy (like the engine) falling out? And will it go back in without having to do any major adjustments after the fact?

The vehicle is actually sitting up on 12" of concrete blocks ( on its wheels ). Any help much appreciated!!
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