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92 Corolla Leaking Oil

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I have a 1992 Corolla that is leaking oil. It appears to be coming from the front of the motor. It looks like it might be coming behing the harmonic balancer. Does anyone have any idea's on what the problem might be or where to look to see what's happening? Thanks!
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iit seems like you have the same problem i am having with my 93
I updated the post, I had some wrong information, thanks for any help.
Hmm sounds like same problem with my 92.. Front seal? Seems to be the common problem with all these generation corollas.
i'm having the same prblem with my 93 corolla its coming from under the motor somewhere near the oil i not sure.
Could be a front main oil seal, or an oil pan gasket. Hard to tell without putting the car on a lift and taking a peek. The front main is right behind the harmonic balancer, so this sounds like it could very well be the culprit. They are kind of a pain in the ass to change. It is also possible that the oil could be leaking from the valve cover gasket and dribbling down the front of the engine behind the timing belt cover (mine did this). The valve cover gasket is much easier to replace, so you might check this first. Good luck. Regards, Aaron
yeah thats what my father was tellingme, i had an escort that did that once so that is hopefully the problem with mine.
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