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92 corolla left front speaker install

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emiliorescigno vbmenu_register("postmenu_905678", true); did an excellent write-up on the right front speaker install.

There is no need for another how-to with pics on the drivers side. I just did it, its too easy. Much quicker than the pass side. So I'll walk anyone through it, that needs help. I'd advise that you first read his how-to.

First pry off the speaker grill, and the 2 panels on either side of the steering wheel with a flathead. If you don't know what I'm referring to, they're about an inch long. Check his how to, and he shows them on either side of the glovebox.

Remove the bolts and screws. There should be 2 around the speaker, 1 in each panel, and another 3 at the bottom.

Remove the instrument dimmer knob.

Pull the panel off carefully.

Disconnect the wire going into the speaker box.

Remove the 3 bolts securing the speaker box assembly. If you don't have boxes, then you're on your own.

Replace the speaker.

And put everything back together.

I bought a pair of lightning audio speakers from walmart for under $30. They're made by Rock Fosgate, and they look/sound pretty good. I would discourage you from spending a lot of money on your front speakers. They're only 4" and they're pointed at your knees. You won't notice much of a difference between what I bought and higher end components. They can handle 90 watts, and they're polypropalene.Unless you buy seperates and mount a tweeter in the a-pillar or something. Save your money and put it elsewhere. I noticed a huge difference. Granted one of my stockers had a hole in it. My next mod is 6.5's in the rear, I'll keep you posted.
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Now be warned.. for the rears you will have to remove the side panels in order to get the back panel out. That means removing front and rear seatbelts (88-89) in order for the side panel to come off. I just went thru it last week and believe me it will take you a few hours. Otherwise the easiest way for them to come off is to break off the back panel, not sure if you wanna do that.
Does this also apply to the sedans? What needs to come off for that to happen???
Oh.. actually I think sedans are easier, I thought you had a coupe for a minute there. :hammer:
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