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92 Corolla Oil Pump Seal

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I have a 92 Corolla that I'm using synthetic oil in. It has been in the motor for 30,000 miles. I've had no problems except now it has developed an oil leak behind the harmonic balancer. It doesn't look like the oil pan is leaking, it looks like it may be coming from the seal behind the front lower timing belt gear. Is this common and how do you pull off that timing gear? Can you replace the seal without removing the whole oil pump? I have never worked on one of these engines, but I do have a mechanical background and any tips you can give me would be helpful. Thanks!
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that doesn't sound simple bro. i wouldn't want to mess timing gears at all, but engines are not my strong point.
keep on watching it and maybe you'll figure it out,
and then maybe someone here who actually knows whassup can help.
The harmonic damper isn't all that hard to get off, but the timing gear is a bitch. Mine had a bit of rust between the gear and the crankshaft snout, so it did NOT want to budge. As close as the fit is between these two parts, a little surface rust will jam the gear firmly in place on the crankshaft. You will need a gear puller, and a lot of patience. Hopefully, yours comes off easier than mine did. The seal just press-fit into the front of the oil pump. so you shouldn't have to tear the pump out. Might as well throw a new timing belt in while you are at it, as they are cheap. Good luck!:D Regards, Aaron
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