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I'll try to keep this as short as i can,

I bought an es that had the yellow low oil pressure light on.(Oil level?) It would come on after about 3 minutes idling. The previous owner had just changed the valve cover gaskets.

My plan was to check the main and rod bearings from underneath the car to be certain excessive clearance was not the cause, and then install a new oil pump.

It turns out you can not remove the main bearing girdle/cap with the rear main seal housing installed.:facepalm:

Anyway I removed the engine and transmission. All the bearings were in spec and close to the same, the pick up screen was clean. Journals were nice looking and my nails did not snag on the surface.

Upon disassembling the oil pump I found it had an obvious gouge in the body, and I had to make a software purchase for a class I was taking (Win8 now uninstalled) that used up my new oil pump money.
So I bought a used one and checked the clearances as described in the fsm and found it to be on the tight side of the proper clearance range in all measurements.

Upon Startup all is well, minus a light tick that sounds like valvetrain noise, but ive heard (read) that piston slap is a possibility. I could deal with it while I save for a full rebuild.

About 15 minutes into a light test drive the yellow light comes on car still runs the same with a louder tick noise. I turn the car off drain the oil through a coffee filter to inspect for flakes or pieces _none_. Oil is clean. I refill and try again with heavier oil(20w-50). this makes it quieter and gives me more time before the light comes on. Oil level is full when the light comes on.

Car still runs and drives with light on, but i dont. I could buy a new oil pump next week but I dont just want to throw parts at it.

Any thoughts or troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'll post some pics soon
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