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'92 GTS Idling rough

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I have two problems. First is that my celica is idling very rough, I just changed my spark plugs, oil & filter change. What else can I do to fix this problem???

I am going to check the timing, but I'm not sure what else could be causing it?

Second problem is that I think I have a short somewhere because every three days my battery dies, and needs a boost. I just bought the battery two months ago. I also replaced my alternator. What else can I check, or what should I do to fix it?
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man i had both of these problems my friend. first off check all the connections and leads to and from your battery to your alternator. i replaced my alternator after having my old one rebuilt which didnt do anything... but as far as the idling problem... my engine used to shake like crazy at idle. i did many things...including a head job and nothing worked...then i randomly changed my fuel injectors like 3 weeks ago...and boom all better....its kinda of expensive but it worked wonders for me. lost the shake got better acceleration and stuff.. so yea fuel injectors fixed it for me.
also try changing the map sensor.. it can cause the rough idle.. as far as the battery problem, i dont know what to tell ya bro... good luck
try to disassemble your throttle body and ISC valve and give them a good thorough cleaning as well.
And yes, bad ground points can cause those symptoms, too.
Just for laughs, check your motor mounts, too.
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