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92 le Wiper problem (advice needed)

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The wiper of my 92 le camry seized up, so I took out the linkage system and using a full can of wd-40 and a day of patience, I was able to loosen the seized up component of the linkage.

I later re-installed the linkage and ran into the following problem: The wiper no longer parks when the wiper switch is turned off, but simply stops when switched off. In addition, the wiper only moves when the wiper switch is in the "fastest" position, and it moves at roughly the speed of the "low" position.

Has anyone run into this type of problem before? Any advice on this will be very much appreciated.

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if you ask me, it seems like the linkage should reallly be replaced

tho you did unsieze it w/ wd40, it won't last long unless you use more lasting grease, but more so the fact that it seems it only moves when the motor is at the fastest and most powerful setting, hence the fact that it doesn't come to rest and just stops and only moves when at the fastest setting
Thank you for your input Eye8Pussies. I plan to further lubricate the linkage with permanent grease like you seem to suggest, and if this fails, then I guess I will have to fork out some paper for a new linkage:mad: Does anyone know how much a new 92 wiper linkage will cost?
junkyard ;)
Same problem

Imagine, I had the same problem as you. I brought it to the Dealer and they diagnosis it as been the linkage also. They said if I dint' fix the linkage, your wiper motor will cease also. So they recommended a whole re/re of the linkage. They took it apart, and cleaned it and lubed it with whatever they use, and voila, its been working fine, done say around 4 years ago.

same's my motor too. Maybe I should check out the linkages too. Can somebody point me to their location?
now how to seperate motor and linkage?

tryint to replace a wiper motor on a 95 camry wagon my haynes manual just says to pry with a screwdriver I assume they mean to pop the ball and socket joint apart? can the nut on the motor be removed and then the eccentric arm swapped to a good motor?
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