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Toyota / Lexus Techs please help...

I've been working on sealing up oil leaks on a '92 es300 (3VZFE v6).
So far I've replaced both front and rear value cover gaskets and
distributor o-ring.
Now I hope I'm down to the last leak.
It is where the "?oil filter housing?" meets the block.
I'm not sure what this gasket is called and can't seem
to find anything on it.

1) Is it a gasket or FIPG?
2) One of the bolts looks very tight to the exhaust,
will I need to pull the exhaust manifold to get this thing out?
3) I see 3 bolts, are there more up under the filter that I can't see?

I've got a couple pics of what I'm talking about at:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Yes, PCV system is working.
Gaskets were dry and hardened. From what I've read, it's not uncommon
for valve covers and distributor o-ring to start leaking over time on
this engine. Now I've got one last leak. It's the part that the oil
filter mounts too. Need the name of it so I can search to buy a gasket.

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With the help of a very kind person, I was able to find the info I
The part that mounts to the block is actually an oil filter bracket
that allows the oil filter to mount approx 6-8 inches to the left of
the hole in the block. There is a rubber o-ring for the bracket.


There are 4 nuts on studs that hold the bracket in place, and the
exhaust manifold did not have to come off to get it out.
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