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Hey guys, how all ya doin?

I gotta question for anyone who can help me! I have a 1992 MR2 NA and I also have a 2nd gen 3sgte outta japan with the LSD tranny, right now i need the LSD axles to convert my NA to turbo. I found a guy who says he has the LSD axles off of a 1992 MR2...didnt they only start making the LSD axles in the states in 1993? What was the earliest year in Japan that the MR2s got LSD trannys? Would these fit my tranny if they are from japan? Also i have the NON-LSD axles for sale, and also an Unorthodox Lightened Crank Pulley (BLUE). PM if interested.

Someone guarentee these to be compatible with my motor and car!

Thanks to every1
All is appreciated!
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