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You can do it one of two ways.

Remove the sealant and gasket material around the inside and outside of the glass. and pop it out. Or Take a hammer and hit the window as hard as you can... then just clean up the glass.

Or if you want to pay, just have some glass guy replace the window.

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The molding around the whole window on the rear outside must be removed . It extends almost 2" in to the roofline and wraps around the inside back above the engine lid.There is also a rubber gasket there that you will also have to replace.
I had to replace mine a couple of years ago. I had a hard time finding one. I found 3. 1 was $1.600.00. another, $1,400.00 and the last one was $800.00...I went with the tha last one...fricken ridiculous
have fun...
Oh and welcome to TN...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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