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:chug:Just doing a transmission swap on my 92 paseo, gotta rebuilt tranny from my brother so trying to swap that in. Not sure if you have any tutorials or step by steps on here. Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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For a manual transaxle:

Transaxle Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. On vehicles equipped with an air bag, wait at least 90 seconds before proceeding.
  2. Remove the air cleaner case assembly with the air hose.
  3. Remove the clutch release cylinder and tube clamp.
  4. Disconnect the backup light switch electrical connector.
  5. Remove the transaxle control cable end clips and washers, then remove the retainer clips from the cables. Remove the transaxle shift control cables from the transaxle.
  6. Remove the clutch release cylinder bracket and the ground cable.
  7. Remove the bolts from the upper transaxle mount.
  8. Raise the vehicle and support it safely.
  9. Remove the engine undercovers and drain the transaxle fluid.
  10. Disconnect the speedometer cable from the transaxle.
  11. Disconnect both halfshafts from the transaxle.
  12. Remove the engine rear mounting bracket.
  13. Remove the starter assembly.
  14. Support the engine and transaxle assembly using the proper equipment.
  15. Disconnect the left engine mount.
  16. Remove the bolts mounting the transaxle to the engine.
  17. Carefully remove the transaxle assembly from the vehicle. Lower the engine left side to aid in the transaxle removal.
To install:

  1. Align the input shaft spline with the clutch disc, and install the transaxle to the engine. Torque the bolts to the following specifications:
    • Bolt A: 47 ft. lbs. (64 Nm)
    • Bolt B: 34 ft. lbs. (46 Nm)
    • Bolt C: 65 inch lbs. (7 Nm)
    • Bolt D: 17 ft. lbs. (24 Nm)
      Torque specifications for mounting transaxle to the engine—Paseo
  2. Install the rear engine mounting brackets. Torque the bolts as follows:
    • Bolt A: 67 ft. lbs. (90 Nm)
    • Bolt B: 58 ft. lbs. (78 Nm)
    • Bolt C: 47 ft. lbs. (64 Nm)
      Rear engine mounting bolt identification—Paseo
  3. Install the left engine mount and torque the bolts to 35 ft. lbs. (48 Nm).
  4. Install the starter and electrical connectors. Torque the bolts to 29 ft. lbs. (39 Nm).
  5. Connect the speedometer cable to the transaxle.
  6. Install the intake manifold stay. Torque the bolts to 14 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
  7. Install the sway bar and torque the bracket bolts to 14 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
  8. Install the front exhaust pipe.
  9. Connect the halfshafts to the transaxle.
  10. Fill the transaxle with gear oil.
  11. Install the undercovers.
  12. Lower the vehicle.
  13. Connect the two ground cables with the two bolts.
  14. Connect the transaxle shift control cables and install the retainers to the cables. Connect the cables to the shift linkage with the washers and clips.
  15. Connect the back-up light switch electrical connector.
  16. Install the clutch release cylinder and tube clamp.
  17. Install the air cleaner assembly with the air hose.
  18. Connect the negative battery cable.
  19. Adjust the clutch and perform a road test of the vehicle.

93 tercel
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Be sure to support the motor with an engine hoist or jack.
Drain trans befor you remove the axles.
replace main motor seal and trans axle seals while your in there.
should take about 3 hours to do the long part is the draining of the trans.

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Actually at the shop when we pull the driver corner mount we lower the engine slowly and let it rest with the balancer against the frame and 1 mount above that holding it. Makes for proper angle to slide trans in/out of frame and on/off engine.
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