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92' Pickup Surging Idle

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Ok well it's been in the negative and single digits the past few days here in WI and today while normally driving through town, my alt. belt started slipping.

I get home and check it out and sure enough it's loose, but then another problem came about on the ride home. My idle started surging on me, only when off the gas. I'm not sure where to start looking as I am not familiar with these trucks.

If anyone has any input on why it is doing this (current temp -2) please post. Could it be the TPS? EGR?......I'm thrilled that this happened to me just before I had to head off to work and even more thrilled that I get to try and fix it in even colder weather.
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your idle is too high

If you want 1000 pages of reading, search for "fluctating idle" on this or any other forum.

I made a thread a few weeks ago on it and detail another method for killing it.
heres the sticky thread on common problems. surging idle is addressed in the 2nd or third post in there i believe.

Well it wasn't the idle needing adjusting. Come to find out that the alt. belt was worn and pretty much about to break on me. Cut the old one off and threw a new one on and the idle is perfect now. Must not have had enough juice from the batter to get a good spark going. Runs like it should now....A TOP! Thanks to the users that took time to post up the information I was looking for.
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