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92 tercel turns over no fire

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Hello everybody,

I've got a 92 tercel that will turn over but no fire (spark). Relays are not clikin on when keys is turned to on postion and will not crank, could it be switch? or ecu? Replaced all of the relays but the E.F.I. realy have to wait til next week for this. Fuel pump working, tested manualy, and smell fumes after turning over a few times so fuel not the problem (unless its also not gettin power from the relay/switch problem and just pullin fumes off a vac.) so figured id find a good forum and a few of the guys at my usual forum suggested you guys. so here i am!
Any help appreciated an dif you guys have any question on datsuns feel free to hit me up.

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manual or auto?
5 speed, it will turn over, could it still b the depression sensor(not sure of the tech. name little tired)? Waiting paitiently for your reply good sir.
the clutch safety switch. check it. also check the relay (iirc) behind the radio.
Ok will check, if its bad/going bad will the motor still turn over?
and not to sound like a complete idiot, but im use to working on 70-78 z's no offense meant to anyone, where or which relay controls this safety switch?

new coil, rotor button, plugs wires, cap, igniter, main relay.
will give visual check ASAP. Does it adjust like a kickdown switch?
the clutch safety switch. check it. also check the relay (iirc) behind the radio.
well isnt the clutch safety switch only so the car can turn over? while the car is running the button isnt depressed only when the clutch is being held down
yes. i'm also thinking about the dpst relay that works with that switch.

did you inadvertently disconnect either of the molex that are attached to the dizzy?
alright, no dont think the dizzy has been disconnected just the cap and rotor, but to be honest what is a molex? new term for me. Havnt got to check the switch yet, or the relay for it. oh yeah one more question, on all the schematics I've looked at there is a 7.5fuse for the ignition. But i can not find it for the life of me, I've got the extra fuse from the lid of the fuse box but dont know where to look to check it. Could it be the ecu? now ill shut up and listen.
after more research here is another possibilty what about the Pick-up coil?
And something that I really dont know anything about, The anti-theft system?
what happens when it is triggered, and how is it fixed? just more possbilities.
yes. i'm also thinking about the dpst relay that works with that switch.
Well then it would be the relay and not the switch, because if the engine turns over the switch is fine. if it is the pickup coil youre lookin at changing the whole distributor because it has an integrated coil. i doubt your tercel has anti teft system.
has the timing belt snapped or jumped?
ok, no anti theft-(turns out in my groggy state of mind I misread my manual) well just a thought. Let me see, which/where relay works with the clutch safety switch? aad as far as the timing belt goes i have not checked it, would that cause no spark what soever? Engine rebuilt less than 10k ago, by reputable speed shop, I'll see if i can get the cover pulled and checked this weekend. By the way-> Thanks for all your help so far guys.
alrighty got the new efi relay in today, no luck still jsut turning over.
I'll try the relay for the clutch safety switch next, btw what should I ask for when purchasing this relay?

And any luck on my question about the 7.5fuse?

Thanks guys!
If the t-belt snapped you would have no spark. If it jumped you would. just because a local speed shop rebuilt it 10k ago is meaningless. The 7.5 ign is in the inside box near the left kick panel. What are your readings on ne and g at the pickup coil? Do you have battery voltage at the + terminal of the coil? there is a possibility of the ecm being bad as well but unlikely unless car was jumped backward. Check ALL the fuses and fuse links. Do you have a manual? If not go to and pay $10.00 per day for the info you will need. My subscription is not current so I cannot access it for you.
WTF is a molex or dizzy? Do you mean a distributor? A connector? Speak english man!
Thank you very much for the detailed answer. Pretty sure the Tbelt still in one piece, the distributor( lol yes the dizzy) is rotating, still no spark. Todays the first day off in nearly 2 weeks so I can get out there and inspect all of the fuses closely. As far as the 7.5 goes, in the fuse panel under the dash near the Driver side kick panel, I do not recall seeing anything in there about ign. hmmmmmmm. Well in any event Thanks for all the help. will report back.
check the passenger side kick panel. or make sure to look 'up' in the driver side kick panel.

the dpst comment was directed at the relay since it draws over 30 amps. if you look at those contacts, they are oftentimes complete with carbon 'scoring' due to the amount of current put through them. and, no, you don't have to replace the whole dizzy, just the coil from a junk part.
ok dpst=deposit? good lord im an idiot sometimes, alrighty ill geto out there in a few hours after my son takes a nap and ill check out that kick panel. And i state now if the ign fuse is whole reason its not starting then I need to have a drink. Lol, thanks
dpst= dual post, single throw
Well got the new leads for my meter today and here are the results, The efi relay is getting juice but the igniter is not, Now going by the schematic I've got these are the beginning and 3rd step in the circuit (not counting the switch) and the other component inbetween is the ecu. sooo gnna get my local autoelectician bud to stop by and see what he thinks. Will stay posted.
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