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93 22R electrical problem.

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93 22R electrical problem. FIXED!!!

Hi Guys, Great site. Ok my brother called me today, his 1993 Toyota died on him. He went to jump it and when he did he swapped he terminals. He put the Positive cable on the negative post and vise versa. He said he left it like this for 15-20 min to charge, then he tried to start the truck and nothing happened. He went to the parts house and bought a new battery. When he installed the new battery, the truck would not start. There is no clicking, no starter turn over nothing. It's like there is no electrical hooked up at all. I will be going over to his house tomorrow to look into it for him. So I do not know if there is a blown fuse, fried wires. I spent some time going through your site and found the online manual y'all had linked. I found the wiring diagram. The system looks pretty simple. From what I have seen, it looks like he has the 22R 4 cyl. Bare bone motor. I work on my own trucks, but never on a toy. So I would love some advice/incite from y'all.

Thank you in advance. Nathan
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I'd say that he has several blown fuses at least. Having it connected like that for so long He'll be lucky if it didn't fry the computer. Didn't it make any sparks when he did that?
No, he is 23 yo with 1 3yo and 1 on the way. I was the car guy and he was a book worm. I gave him the truck so he could get to work. I went and bought new fuses, FL, a computer from the JY. I will be going over there tomorrow to look at it. He has my 06 Power Wagon for right now. So i have some time to get it running. I will keep y'all up to date on the repairs.
Ban him from jumper cables

Sounds like the fusible link is fried. so you should be equipped to at least get it to crank.

Good luck
I saw someone do that once and the cables got so hot they melted the rubber right off the wires. So he may have seriously fried some wires. He's lucky it didn't catch on fire.
Thanks for the help guys. I went over there today and fixed the truck. He ended up frying the fusiabl link, the 80A alternater PAL fuse, both the 30A and 40A ignitaion fuses. In the picture you can see where they are. I always like to post the fix to a problem when I can.:thumbup:;topic=87115.0;id=13412;image
glad you got it worked out. my girlfriends brain dead uncle did that with her last car. toasted the FL on the alternator, this was before I knew there were FL's on them too. I had her drive around with two batteries for a couple days until I got it worked out. DOH!
I told my brother that if he needed to do anything more than puting gas in the truck, to call me LOL
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