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93 - 97 rear disc upgrade (poll)

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For the 93 - 97 people i think i have finally figured out an efficent way to do a rear disc conversion, using 88 - 92 corolla GTS parts.

heres the deal i wanna make a set of adapter plates to bolt up the caliper anchors

the other parts needed would be :

1. hubs
2. disks
3. caliper
4. caliper anchor
5. e-brake cables
6. disc brake proportioning valve?

anyways i wanted to guage interest, if there is some i might consider making a kit available to do so.
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For your same gen corolla, i think you'll have better luck if you researched GLi models in Asia. I had a 1994 Corolla special edition GLi model, it came with stock with abs brakes, all 4 discs', rear spoiler, tach on the speedo, sunroof and stock sideskirts and all we did was upgrade the stereo (like later model corolla s's). Also the front seats were a bit different (they were more like the rolla hatch's).
cant you just take two front disc from a same gen corolla and put them on the rears?
its a whole lot easier if you could find rear discs off a JDM Levin (AE101 or AE111) and bolt them straight up. just make sure you get ones that have handbrake cables already. :)
I have E8 Rear disks on my Ae92, they're easy, you just put a plate that holds the caliper under the hub.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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