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93 Camry Fans "always ON" problem

I have a 93 Camry (GL) 4 Cyl 2.2

When I start the car in the morning for the first time (cold engine) both of the fans in the radiator start to run.

I Have checked:

Temparature Valve in radiator is OK (circuit closed when cold)

Relays in relay boxes OK. Checked them with a tester.

Noticed that when the engine is on and fans running there is no voltage applied to the coils of the relays.

I understand that these fans run on a closed circuit, when everything was OK if you unplugged the temperature valve in the radiator the fans would start, but the connections are OK. Plugged or unplugged the fans always run.

Also noted that when I turn the lights on the engine will start to stall, then when lights off, everything OK again. if I turn off the A/C the engine would try or will simply turn off.

The car starts and runs OK.

There is a slight leak in the water pump whch I have to get changed.

Recently changed Plugs, cables, air filter and gas filter even though cleaned injectors in a quicklube station y think they still need to be cleaned by a mechanic the right way. Engine runs OK.

Battery and charging system was checked OK. Idle seems low, under 500 sometimes.

Haven't checked anything else, don't know what else to check. I am not a mechanic.

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