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93 camry, spark fuel, timing all good but no fire. Help!

Hi all, I just found this site after searching the usless web for why my 93 2.4L camry wont start. I searched the fourm here but
nothing I found matches what I got here.

A little back ground on me since I'm new here. :)
I was a fairly good tech and worked in the auto repair feild for sevral years before I decided to go back to school but I never ran into a problem like this.

Anyway. I have a 93 2.4L that just decided to crap out, out of the blue, no indication of somthing going wrong just started it up surged then died. It acted like a fuel pump or IGN breakdown but they both appear to check out. It did start for a few seconds then died again from time to time it will start but wont run more then a few seconds.

1. I have fuel pressure. 40PSI
2. The spark tester I have shows spark, I have no means of testing how much spark but it is there and not irratic.
3. I did check the timing belt and replaced it since it was about due.
4. I checked injector pulse, it appears fine.

I've heard the distributors are common for going bad (IGN module) but I can find a used one and a new one might be a waste of money that I cant afford. When It was running for the few seconds the spark tester was hooked up and at high RPM the spark appeared to break down but as the RPM decreaded it showed back up on the light.

Sorry This is soo long but its really got me bugged.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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first off....I believe that you have the 2.2L if you have a 93 ;)

but on your problem, I would say that it wouldn't hurt to change the ignitor if you can get a used one for cheap. your spark shouldn't be dying out on you at any rpm unless there is something about to go on your ignition system

and I presume that the engine won't even turn over anymore after that first time?
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