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93 celica ST

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I'm a newby toyota car owner, I just bought a 1993 toyota celica ST. I'm used to having hondas, but thought I would try out a toyota this time instead. I know the 1.6 liter in the ST is crap, can anyone tell me what I can do to get some power...maybe some ideas on swaps or upgrades, I'm pretty sure no matter how much tuning and add ons i do to this engine it still won't be what i'm wanting. any ideas would be a big help.. thanks
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I don't know why everybody smashes the ST, sure it's 1.6, for me that says: Tune my suspension, brakes, and tires... Don't try and get more speed, figure out how to pull the speed you have through the corners... To get more speed, turbo the thing - don't go over 6psi, atleas for now. First things would be intake/exhaust to open up the slew of other possibilities... But seriously dude, it's FWD...
I guess what i was more interested in was just some general info about the toyota motors, which ones would be good possiblities for swaps and any other info in that category...thanks for your help and sorry for the confusion
the ST canot take any of the True Toyota Powerhouse mottor's that are best droped into the Celica.

to swap in even a 5sFE you would need to change out the intire front suspention.

same go's for the 3sGTE Swap as well.

the 5s and the 3s are in the same set of mottors toyota biult. they make alot of power and are good mottors. but sadly the ST is a rather limited Platform to work off of for a swap.

infact you might as well sell the car and go find ither an AllTrack, or a Celica GT/GT-S

infact the AllTracks Come Stock with the 3sGTE (Turbo mottor) and is a realy fun car to start out with given it already has the best Inline 4 Toyta makes that can drop into the car. (the 2zz is cool and all but good luck doing that swap).

i hait to be mean to a Gen5 owner like this, but the ST is nothing more then a fun little car that shouldent realy be messed with. it dosent have any potental in any respect. unless you want to overhall the whole car. (costing the same amount of money a GT/GT-S or even an alltrack would cost)
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thank you, that is pretty much exactly what i was looking for, just some info about the general stuff, which basically confirmed what my thoughts were, thanks again
best thing you can do for the car is to Strip it down, (take out the back Seats, lose the spare, get a Fiberglass hood for it) install a Nice Dual Coilover setup, with oversized Swaybars. get the largest tire's posible. along with 17" rims. lower the car an inch or 2 get a short throw shifter, a costom made 2.25" exhaust, along with a Home made Cold air intake. get the car to a shop and have them do a tune up. install variable cam gear. make shure they reduce the Valve shim clearince by a .05 and see about instaling a lightwheght pull kit. a msd ignition along with good wire's and plugs.

take it to an Auto-X and have fun
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Zrain said:

take it to an Auto-X and have fun
I agree, it's not like the ST is a loss, not at all. It's still a fun little car, but now you can see why I said to focus on other parts of the car than the engine... Oh yea, and with the winter coming up, I bet it'd be real nice for tray-sliding...
even still, you have the whole 4a series of engines you could put in there. 4agze, and 4age 20v blacktops put down some decent numbers... it would be neat to see a 9 grand redline on a celica
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