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93 Corolla Air Bag light ON (again)

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Hi - New here and hoping someone can help. I recently bought a 93 Corolla, the airbag light is on. The previous owner took it in for the RECALL it was fixed, but the light came back on, it has not been deployed, no accident.... I tried disconnecting the battery for 30+ mins, it didn't reset the computer. (I had read on another board that worked for someone...) Will Toyota honor the recall twice? What else can make the airbag light come on -- is there maintenance to be done on them after a period of time/recharging/or after so many miles? I didn't pay much for the car, its been wonderful - can't really afford 80 at the dealers to have the light shut off right now, but driving without an inspection sticker is rather risky (and costly)! Thanks for any help! Kathy
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