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93 Corolla Speed Sensor Question

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My 93 Corolla's speedometer is acting bizzare. It is very erratic and even will go up and down with car running in park.

I just got it back from my mechanic who replaced the sensor (I hear there are two) but it still is acting up. I have to use the speedometer in my GPS while driving.

I also noticed the car (when I got it home) won't stay running. I found a broken (white) wire at the generator wiring harness (and green corrosion).

I believe when I replace this the "running" trouble will go away. My question is, does this electrical trouble affect the speed sensor(s)? If not, any ideas? I will call my mechanic in the morning but want some ideas.
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I dunno if our cars use a speedo cable but if so it sounds like it needs lubing. This is a pretty common problem in Storms.
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