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93 Paseo won on a bet. Need Input.

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My buddy had this car sitting in his driveway, flat, dead and abandoned. After Purple hearts wouldn't take it, he challenged me to get it out of his life. Done. Fluids, filters, plugs, belts, battery and intense cleaning, (birds were living under the hood). It runs ok..138k on the OD, still gets 27MPG. The engine light won't go off, the suspension sounds like a busted chainsaw and everthing appears to be origianl factory with the exception of the front brakes and rotors. Without getting into Ecco cobalt money, what is a reasonable amount I can expect to dump into this "Unique" car? What areas should be addressed first? Is 350hp/600 torque even possible?
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My man. You need to come over to the Darkside. Click my MSN Spaces link in my sig. After that, mosey on over to for more specific info on your car. You will find most of us are on about every major Toyota site. We like to spread the love and are willing to direct you to the correct speciality site no matter which Toy you drive. Wish I got a free Paseo, lucky bastard...
:nana: freebie looks just like the car on your ebay page, except for my crappy factory wheels, same car, same body condition too. What is toyota trying to say when you can't find any manuals other that the factory service manual for these cars?
350hp is possible, not with the original engine though. And it will be terribly expensive. As light as the car is you don't need that much power. Take a look at DrTweak's swaps page and get some ideas. If you have the real money though and dead set on 350hp cruise on over to BYP's website and check out the 600hp Tercel Trevor is building.
The factory manual is great. I'm trying to own a copy for every major change Tercel and Paseo. about the engine light that won't go off. Where do I start? Its not really burning that much oil, its getting 25+ mpg, and no smoke or water from the tail. I disconnect the negative terminal to reset the puter and about 65 miles later it pops back on, Its really starting to annoy me. What do I swap out first?
You can check the CEL codes but chances are its gonna be some sort of emission control problem. Mine the check engine light will sometime come on and refuse to go out for a bit. And when I code it, it will give me a generic code that says that some part of the emission control system is dead (EGR, OS, ect, ect, ect...). IF it drives fine, and thats a BIG IF, then I just say ignore it or disconnect it.

Thats just my two cent tho. I hate chasing generic check engine codes so sue me... I'm lazy.
pull your 0 2 sensor out , see if its clean or full of carbon , you can use carb cleaner on it to clean it but dont touch it with your fingers the oil on your fingers will screw it up or just replace it or go to a service station , have them check the code , im with the rest of you i would love to have a car giving to me to :argh:
ok so I pull the o2 sensor..15 bucks to replace. What about the suspension? Has anyone done a complete rebuild on this car? I was expecting to drive this car as avbeater back and forth to work but someone at the gas station was telling me about the "unique"status of my freebie. should I take it down to a rolling chasis and build up? can I make it a 9 sec car without tearing it apart? Gimme some ideas, Please!
O2 Sensor swapped out. Pretty easy job, under an hour. Running great, no enigine light on any more. What about suspension? What kind are the best for this car? I don't want to be replacing them every other year. Any thoughts?
Thats great. Lots of info on that last thread. That catalog from Riko is also a lot of valuable information.
Welcome to the joy of Paseo ownership!
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