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93 Pickup Sub Box...WHAT FITS!?!

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I have a 93 reg cab truck. I'm trying to fit a sub box behind the seat, but I can't find anything that fits.

Any Ideas?
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how much space are you dealing with here?
qlogic makes boxes for trucks... I think they're about half a foot deep... should cost like $80 at Circuit City.
Rough dimensions are:
w 20" x h 10-12" x top depth 3.5" x bottom depth 6".
I just found a Q-Customs by Q-Logic in Crutchfield designed just for Toyota '89-'94 trucks, but its $230. I was hoping for a little less dough. I'll try Circuit City. Or I'll make my own.
Thanks for your help.
You can make your own, just add polyfill so the speaker thinks it's a bigger box.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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