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93 Previa Idling Problems

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I'm a bit stumped trying to figure out what it wrong with my previa so I thought I would turn to the experts. A few weeks ago I noticed my car sounded much louder than normal especially at idle. Also, after I would drive for a while at then come to a rest at a stop light or something the engine would speed up and slow down, and a couple times it would actually stall. After it stalled I could start it back up no problem but it still wouldn't sound healthy. Could this be a problem with the EGR valve?

Anyway, after looking around the car it appeared that the noise was originating at or near the throttle body, it seemed to be working harder than it should (maybe clogged, not getting enough air?). I don't know much about this part of the car so I checked the vacuum at the ports on the throttle body as suggested by the Hayne's manual. I found that at idle there was no vacuum in ports 2,3,4 (see picture) but there was in port 1 which I wasn't expecting from what it said in the manual (maybe I misread something). Then above idle I had vacuum in 1,2,3 as expected but not in 4 (although that might be okay).

It might also be useful to know that there is no check engine light coming on and the air filter is brand new.

Any ideas of what might be wrong and what I can do about it would be very much appreciated.

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The throttle body is notorious for gunking up. You may want to start by giving it a good interior cleaning with a carb cleaner spray. The best way may be to unbolt it and removing it first.
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