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93" with 3vz needs engine rebuild!!!

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Hi i have a 3vz in my camry and it currently need to be rebuilt due to i think gasket problems....broken water pump, and has around 130k miles on it. Does anyone know how much around it would cost to have this engine rebuilt or has anyone done it and can give me advice? Thx much <3 to all of u camry owners.
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$3000-$5000 at a shop.

Water pump will cost you $100. Gaskets are cheap.

Besides that is it running decent? Cause if it is just that, it doesn't need the full rebuild.
:eek: I've got 175k miles on mine, no rebuild...
220k Kms on my 94, slightly leaky valve cover gaskets, but that seems to be it here, still runs fine.
Ok, telling what you guys have on your engine isn't helping his problem at all. Let's stick to topic here.
best bet by another engine 3vz for 2,000 or less with 60,000 miles on it!!! Thers ur answer!:thumbup:
True, they are dirty cheap to find with low miles. I found a JDM 3vz with 40,000, tranny, fuel pump, etc for $1700. So you shouldn't have a problem finding one.
Thx for all the help guys ill be sure to start looking into all of that. Hope to get the cf trunk to =).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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