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94 22RE leaking a lot of oil

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I'm not an automotive newb, but this is my sister's truck and I'm not familiar with the 22RE. She is 5 hours away in VA beach, so I can't properly diagnose it. Here are some pics. .
The only info I have is that it happened while she was driving and the oil filter is tight. Has anyone ever seen a mess like this? It's obviously being slung around by the belts/pulleys. Are there any common failure points that would cause this? My first thought was the front main seal, but that is a ton of oil. I came across the oil pressure relief valve in the service manual. Do these ever come loose? That would create a big enough hole for that volume of oil. I want to have some ideas of what could be wrong before I have her poking around under the truck. Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Do a search on "oil leak" on here, you should find a ton of posts just like this one.
2 leak-prone areas are the front main seal and the oil pump o-ring, and both problems can be fixed at the same time by removing the oil pump, since the front seal is in the front of the oil pump.
If you need some help let me know, I'm in VB also
Your front crankshaft oil seal has worn and worn a hole in your crankshaft you can either purchase a thin 7mm seal and place it over a different position or use a speedy sleeve,read below:

Harmonic balancer repair sleeve/speedy sleeve (seal saver sleeve, balancer repair sleeve,crank seal saver,sleeveNseal ring) slides over shaft:

Felpro # 16214=$5
Future # 21-2514 (aluminum shaft sleeve included)
NAPA repair sleeve # 99177 (Mack PDC,National,Car Quest)
Pioneer repair sleeve (Silver Seal) # HB-4133

attached with some epoxy or use Loctite 609 or 242 or put some red RTV and fill that groove before you put it on also look in the yellow pages under “bearing suppliers”.

For a picture:

For seal replacement step by step process:

Front crank oil seal (front input shaft seal):

Fed Mogul (National,Timken Seals) # 710345
Toyota # 90311-45014 (brown, 7 mm thick) & 90311-30115, Chicago Rawhide # CR17758 (9 mm thick) or CR550294 (7mm thick)
Beck Arnley # 0522144
Victor Reinz # JV912= NJ243=Toyota # 90311-45069 (for 1981 Toyota with 22R)
NAPA repair sleeve # 99317(rear),list price $68.10>$33.19 net Canadian $ and the seal was $12.10

There are 3 versions of the speedy sleeve:

1)one is light steel with spray chrome flashing(yuk)
2)one is steel with chrome plating
3)and the good ones are all stainless steel and they are made in Canada.

In North America the 22R & 22R-E s are used in the following:

1981-82 Toyota Corona
1981-83 Celica
1981-87 Toyota pickup (up to 1990 on 2wd)
1984-87 Toyota 4-Runner

22R-E (22REC=California emissions=extra charcoal canister)
1983-85 Celica
1985-95 Toyota pickup
1985-95 Toyota 4-Runner

22RTE (Turbo EFI)
1985-87 Toyota pickup
1985-87 Toyota 4-Runner

Any Public Library in your area would have the Factory service manual, Haynes,Chiltons,Mitchells,Clymers, Bentley and Toyota repair books.

Free AutoZone service manuals at:

Tons of free factory service manuals for 4-Runners,etc:

Free 1985 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual: 4runner.pdf

Free 1988 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual:

Free 1993 Toyota Pickup Service Manual:

Free 1995 Toyota 4-Runner Factory Service Manual:

1996 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

1998-2000 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual 5ZE-FE:

2003 (years: 2001-2004) Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

2005-2006 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual 1GR-FE & 2TR-FE:

Free 1989 - 1995 Pickup Mitchell Service Manual:

You can download the winrar archiver from:

And The ISO file can be downloaded from: <--- Part 1 <--- Part deux

The two rar files are 90 Megabytes in size, but once unrared it is a 300 Megabyte ISO image.BTW: File will be removed automatically if there is no download for 30 days.

FSM (factory service manual) & owners manuals can be acquired in several ways:

Toyota Material Distribution Center
750 West Victoria St
Rancho Dominguez/Compton, CA 90220-5538
Ph:1-800-622-2033 (outside CA)(M-F: 7-5 PST)
Ph:1-800-443-7656 (inside CA)
Ph:1-310-818-4630 (in or outside CA)
Speak to Beverly or Deloris

1)buy a used one off e-bay
2)some Toyota dealerships may give you one or sell it for $10-20 (used) as most Toyota dealerships don't repair many old Toyotas and no longer need the service manual
3)some public libraries sell their old books as they are not in demand any longer
4)some free buy & sell classified papers, websites and bulletin boards may have some used ones for sale
5)some junk yards may have one laying around
6)some Toyota specialty garages may have one laying around and no longer use it as the vehicle may be too old and those mechanics probably have so much experience that they could publish their own factory service manual with corrections and "real world repair tips"
7)if someone has the FSM maybe they could scan all of the pages and post it on a site for all of us to download or view.


Sidney® ™
Repairs TV's,VCR's,home/car audio out of my apartment
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia

:kingme: for I am :canada:
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Sidney just gave you about $500 worth of advice. Take it. I would call it a groove, not a "hole"
Before you jump to that conclusion, you may find that there's only a light groove worn into the crank pulley. Just replacing the seal may be all you need. But yes, regarding Sidney's advice, look through his links and you'll learn a lot.
Those speedy sleeves are pretty inexpensive. Like $13 if I remember right from engnbldr. If your going to remove the oil pump anyway, I would rather have the sleeve on hand and not need it over not having it and needing it.
It's good of you to take this on for your sister. By the way, that brake fluid looks pretty bad, if you have time, a flush would be worthwhile.
I know this thread is several months old now, but i wanted to thank everyone for the good info. The truck has been off the road since I first posted about it. I am on break from school now and I'll start tearing it down tomorrow. Should be up and running soon as long as there aren't any spun bearings. Thanks again.
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