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94 4runner brakes ?...

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I recently bought a mistreated 94 4runner 3.0 AT 140000 miles. It ran but not well, I have slowly but surely nursed it back to health but am having some issues with the brakes... When I got it the brake light in the cab was on. the MC was low so I filled it and the ight went off. The truck will stop good but there is a lot of pedal travel. I replaced front pads but can't seem to pull the drums in order to replace shoes.

So anyway when you pump the pedal the amount of pressure needed to stop the truck is greatly reduced. In my past expeirence this means there is air in the lines somewhere. First of all is this correct? I bled the front brakes with no improvement. I am going to get 2-3 qts of brake fluid and will try to flush all the lines and hope for the best...

In the meantime I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions.

Thank You
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most brake drums have 2 bolt holes with threads so you can use 2 bolts to push the drum off. also make sure your parking brake is off. that much pressure usually does indicate air in the system or you just need need new pads.
Thanks, bleeding brakes right now. If I don't see any improvement I will try your suggestions for removing the drum. I already turned the adjusting "wheel" to put some slack in the shoes... No help.

MC is a little pricey from toyota... Any alternative sources for a new/reman. MC?
Brake Issues

I don't know if you are stilling having problems with your truck, but I would advise bleeding the rear proportioning valve; it sounds like you've got (a lot) of air in there. A reman'd or new MC from any parts place but Toyota will be a better price, I just swapped mine for 60$ CAN. So it shouldn't be that expensive, but bleed your rear Pro. valve; there's a nipple on it, and that will likely help you out tons!

Good LUCK!
Just a suggestion dont know if you have already done it yet but you might want to have the rotors checked. Because they may need to be ground down or replaced alltogether.
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