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94 camry alarm

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I have a 94 Camry with factory alarm. There is a red alarm indicator light on the lower panel to the left of the steering column, and a toggle switch located on the left kick panel of the driver's side. I have no remote keyless entry remote. The security system will engage itself for what seems no apparent reason. In the past, flipping the toggle switch would disengage the alarm system. It is no longer working.
I got a tech for a local delearship on the phone and he stepped me through the process of disarming but it did not work. He said it sounded like I had an "open circuit".
I need to know how to disengage the alarm system and/or disconnect the alarm system altogether so I don't have any problems in the future. Does anyone know how to do this?
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OEM alarms are difficult to solve since there are no diagrams to look at. The only suggestion I can tell you is to disconnect it completely and see if that would help. The alarm is under the front driver's seat. Try unplugging all the harnesses. May be that would reset the alarm also.
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