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94 camry horsepower hp

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Guys i really need your help, i wanna know how to at least add 100 hp on my 94 camry.

I have no upgrades or anything, not even an air intake can u guys plz tell me what i should do to add 100hp:ugh3:
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A V8
if you have the 5sfe 4cyl, then swap it to a 1mz-fe v6. thats the optional engine that came with it. if you have the v6 already, then turbo it.
thats the only way, unless you forge everything and build the shit out of it.
i have the 5fse 4 cycle any ideas for that?

Look at the stickies at the top of the forums
oh for fucks sake... Close
^ :lol: this hasnt been a good week for you.

its possible friend but tough and expensive. do an extensive search, read the stickies and ull find all the awnsers you didnt want to hear:rolleyes:. 100hp is a pricey goal.

welcome to TN.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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