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I have a Garmin ecoRoute Blutooth Dongle that is for 1996 and later vehicles.
It will send engine data to my Garmin nuvi 1690 GPS receiver
The issue I have is my 94 Camry LE under dash port is 17 pins as follows:
However, the male end of the blutooth dongle is 16 pins as follows:

I'm working with a supplier that may be able to provide a 17 pin to 16 pin adapter cable as follows:
However, they've asked if I can provide them the wiring diagram showing the connections from the 17 pins to the 16 pins. Can anyone help me with that? Also, pin 16 on the OBD2 pinout is +12v but I don't see a +12v on any of the 17 pins unless it's labeled differently. Can someone point that out? Unless the dongle has a +12v power source I don't think it will work with the adapter cable. Any other comments will be appreciated.
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