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Hi Guys!

Please excuse me but I just returned home to the states after performing my patriotic duty and having a hard time trying to find my way around this forum so overlook me if I've made a mistake. OK!

Just before coming home my wife's 1994 Camry V6 LE automatic wouldn't start after she had stopped at the entrance to check our mail box. Anyway a good hearted neighbor decided to jump start her Toyota but something happened and ended up shorting out the battery. Another neighbor is a mechanic at a reputable garage and they had to replace the battery and cables and some type of a relay. Shortly, afterward the Check Engine Light and Air Bag light came on as did the OD light now blinking off and on, but the Check Engine & Air Bag Lights continue to stay on.

Right now can't afford to have anyone look at. From what I've gathered and read after searching Google is that I might be able to reset them all by myself if someone would please take the time and explain step by step procedures telling me in simple terms how to do so. Please help it would greatly be much appreciated.

Thanks to all and please enjoy the upcoming weekend.

The Humble Man from Tennessee
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