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I noticed the other day that I was reving higher than normal on the freeway (~4k) and the engine sounded way louder than norma. I found that my was not engaging. I clicked the button a few times but there was no change (as there should have been).

Anyways, so I checked the transmission fluid tonight (after not driving for two hours) and went through the whole "depress break, go P-R-N-D-2-L-2-D-etc." thing and the stick read at the very top of cold. The fluid wasn't burnt or anything, just slightly red.

Funny thing is this is just days after I took it into greasy monkey for an oil change (didn't have the time to do it myself). Their "16 point inspection" said that they would check the fluid and actually top it off if they had to. I was wondering if perhaps they put the wrong kind in or if they over filled it.

So what should I do now? How worried should I be about doing damage to my engine like blowing a gasket or just wearing out my transmission?

Thanks a bunch,
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