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94 le changed water pump now wont start?

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Im new so any help would be greatly appreciated.
My water pump broke on me and when it did the timing belt jumped several teeth. Maybe 8 teeth when measured on the camshaft with the crank at zero. The car made one hell of a racket but still ran. I only ran it for a few minutes like this. I was going to do the usual belt and water pump change but i couldnt get the crank pulley bolt off. So i just changed the water pump and put everything back together. Now the car wont start. Ive triple checked the timing and its dead on every time. Im getting spark but no start. The only abnormal thing is a strong gas smell every time i try to start it. And when i check the plugs they are covered in gas. My question: are the valves bent and letting gas in the cylinders prematurely? The only thing i can think of is the valves bent. but it was running before so i dont know.

hopefully someone can give me other things to check. thanks

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valves can't be bent, 5sfe is a non interference engine

do you get a check engine light?
You said you checked the timing. Ignition timing or the alignment of the timing belt?

Make sure that timing belt is aligned and installed properly.
update: turns out only one or two of the plugs are firing and at different times. Checked the cap and wires ok. The ignition coil is reading 0 ohms at + and -. And 12000 ohms at the + and the bottom terminal on the dist. Is this ok?
Resistance between the terminals should be .36 - .55 ohms.

Resistance between coil terminals and dist. should be 9 - 15.4 K ohms (9,000 - 15,400 ohms).

So it looks like you got a bad coil.
Went to autozone today and got a new coil for 36. Fired right up. Thanks to everyone for all your help. Ill be checkin back to see if i can help someone else out too.
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