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94 Paseo repair manuals

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We just bought a 94 Paseo for our daughter's first car. My husband likes to do most repairs on our cars. We have been unable to find a repair manual for this Paseo both at the parts stores and online. Does anyone know if there is one available? Thanks in Advance! Debbie
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you have to gey it from the dealer or find one on ebay,,
if you have aol instant messenger i can send it to you for free. the dealer will charge you 70$USD-140$USD. let me know when you get aol instant messenger. its a messaging caht program that is free from their(AOL) website.
Kene, my AOL IM is DebbieSzc. Thanks! Debbie
i'm online right now, and illl try tto be on around6:30pm -11:00pm pacific time(9:30pm-2:30am your time)
or if you want, post up when this saturday & sunday you will be online.
I am also looking for a paseo manual. I have the 1993 Toyota Cynos B(Japanese version of the Paseo) with the 5E-FHE engine(I think!! as far as I know the 5E-FE engine is in the Cynos A)

Would anyone have any idea where I would come accross that? Please!!! :confused:
the only one i have is for the 5efe the future i plane on getting the actual paperback manual for the 5efhe..not anytime soon tho...the part # is given here the the 5efhe manual. part &st=0 said this:
the 5E-FHE manual is book #63026 but its japanese only.
ok, Thanks Kene.

This will probably sound like a rediculous question, but is there much difference between the two?
yeah there is a sifference...much a search at and here and you'll find a lot.
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