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94+ tailights

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I just got my 94+ Tailights. I paid $500cad. Thats complete with your choice of color for centre panel and with trunk lock. All brand new in boxes from Toyota. Let me know if i can get anyone a set. My brother works for a local Dealer. Cheapest any where i could find.
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how much is that american?
that sounds like a pretty good deal...i paid over 400 usd plus customs charges for my set.....
Can get them cheaper like $340us if we can get some sort of group buy together. Let me know who wants in. I would love to help. I have recieved alot of good advice here and i would like to help any fellow MR2 guy in any way i can.
That's a pretty damn good deal w/ color choice and a lock cyl. How about shipping charges??? (just curious... already got mine :p: )
Can you get other parts? Or just lights.
I'm looking for the plastic panels that covers the inside of the front hood and also need panels for under the car.
No luck looking for used ones and the dealer wants both of my arms and my left nut.
So if you can get me a good deal...I'll not only Thank You I'll but but you a liquid lunch.
I have a 91T and I'm in Mississauga.
Can you get me the exact part numbers and i will look into it.
Okay I'll get the p# for you but it may be the week after next week. I really appreciate this, Thanks for at least looking into it.
Hey bro, I am down for the group in gettting the tailights just email me and let me know how i can do that aight,

I am down to throw in on the group buy of the taillights for $340. E-mail me anytime with info. and what to do!! Thank You

[email protected]
Will be placing order on Tuesday, so if interested let me know.
It is a lot cheaper than PartzNet. Plus they have just recently increased their pricing.
i got mine from a dealer in pa $380us brand new color matched,no lock though, great instructions everything.

P.S. no one tells you that you need a hammer to install, i've noticed nobody admits to taking a hammer to their 2,hehe.
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