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so im running a 94 toyota camry. theres is a stock engine in there but i have another completly diffrent engine i have out and im wondering what i can do to build it with more power. my big thing is that i want to put a turbo on it.

so far i am told that i am beter off getting forged pistons and getting a diffrent head and putting it on my block.

so just looking for advice on what to do.. pistons ? crank shaft? new head?

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Good luck transplanting a new head, then you have to work out making custom pistons.

Just get new cams, pn'p, and a valve job for the head.

Then go i/h/e.

Then go tuning, mess with the timing and a/f.

I have a 94' 5s-fe and trust me, making power does not come easy.

BTW if you are interested in going turbo a quick search will yield you a lot of results on the subject.
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